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Reports Surface Of CDC Overcounting U.S. Vaccine Rates by Sundance

This is likely not surprising to many Americans; however, Bloomberg {LINK} and now Axios {LINK} are reporting that official U.S. CDC vaccination rates are considerably overstated. The issue stems from exceptionally high previous vaccination rates reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that remained static despite the same CDC reporting that vaccines continued. Common sense would ask: if vaccination rates were long-ago in the 99% range for age-groups the CDC reported, then how could the CDC continue assigning hundreds of thousands of new vaccinations into the group? Thus, downward revisions are now being made to reconcile the issue. Anecdotally, this would align with several tangential datapoints which have always seemed to be in conflict with the preferred government narrative. Additionally, there’s also an obvious motive on behalf of the government to overinflate vaccination in order to generate peer pressure and the self-fulfilling prophecy needed to garner vaccine acceptance.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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