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Russia’s QR Code Regime Is Collapsing by Edward Slavsquat

It was never about public health and Russians know it. The Russian government is still planning to push through a deeply unpopular nationwide QR code law—but making such legislation a reality could be a tall order. In some regions where QR codes are already in place, authorities have hastily abandoned enforcement efforts. Fed-up Russians are boycotting, bypassing, and beating people up. What is the public health benefit of these codes? Can anyone explain this? And why does United Russia continue to pursue brazen political suicide? It’s very weird. As we’ve mentioned before, the Russian government will probably need to simulate a fake alien invasion in order to spook people into accepting a digital ausweis. In the meantime, Russians will continue to use QR codes taken from washing machines to gain access to their local shopping centers. It’s Russia.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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