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The Non-Existent Virus: Why I Keep Pounding On This by Jon Rappoport

Why have I spent nearly two years asserting that SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist? Because it doesn’t exist. And as my regular readers know, I’ve offered much evidence to back up that claim, and the claim that virology itself is a worthless sham. But there is a larger point. I’ve made the point for over 20 years. Reality is invented. I sometimes characterize the operation with this name: The Reality Manufacturing Company. It’s the oldest company on Earth. Propaganda? Of course. But more than that-the engineering of perception. Because if they can get people to see how they want them to see, nothing else matters. Once their perception-package is installed, people have no idea that anything else exists.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
Earth Newspaper – A Major Source of Information
If you’re looking for a cache of information about covid-19 I suggest you take a look at which contains over 2,250 articles about covid-19 – it is said to be the largest archive of covid-19 articles and videos online and I believe it. We are fighting a war and is a valuable asset in the war – an asset too often under-estimated. The site’s tagline is `All the Honest News Fit to Publish’. If you’re looking for a way to help the Resistance Movement I suggest you subscribe and make a donation to

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