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John Lennon, December 8, 2021, by Mark R. Elsis

This is for you, John, forty-one years after your assassination.
John Lennon was the greatest singer-songwriter and the most influential political artist of the twentieth century. He was assassinated on Monday, December 8, 1980, walking into the Dakota, his home on the upper West side of Manhattan, New York City. On Saturday evening, November 22, 1980, five days after the release of John Lennon’s Double Fantasy, his first new studio album in 69 months, I was at our local Irish tavern, the Gaslight Inn, in Elmhurst. It was there and then that I had precognition and told a few of my closest friends John Lennon was about to be assassinated. I went on to say that the powers that be were going to blame it on a lone crazy deranged fan and that this person would never have a trial. I don’t know how I knew all of this would come to be, except to say that besides my parents, John Lennon, someone whom I had never met, was the most significant person in my life. Perhaps because of my lifelong adoration, I was tapped into a precognitive form of what Dr. Rupert Sheldrake postulated in his theory, Morphic Resonance. I’ve had many other episodes of clairvoyance throughout my life. But none have been as prophetic and tragic as the one I had when I foresaw the assassination of John Lennon.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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