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Destruction Of The Library Of Alexandria By Christians by Dr. M. D. Magee

Christians say that the Serapeum library which they admit they did destroy was a small temple library, not the original massive library of Alexandria. It is sophistry. After Aurelian had damaged the Brucheium library, the Serapeum became the main library. That does not imply that only temple books remained, though it does suggest the library was much smaller than it was in its heyday. Evidently the main library building in the Brucheium must have been too badly damaged to serve as a library any more, whence the transfer, but many rolls must have been salvaged and restored. There might still have been hundreds of thousands of rolls, many of them transferred from the Brucheium library, in the Serapeum when it was destroyed by the Christians. But, however many rolls there were, the Serapeum was a valuable Pagan resource. The Christians knew what they were doing and why.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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