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Vigano Again by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Catholics, wake up! We are on the very brink
Of being forbidden by law to eat or drink!
From the Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, living in hiding for fear of his life, comes yet another admirable declaration to say what every single serious churchman should be saying in order to defend and protect Our Lord’s own sheep from a gang of murderous wolves, now revelling in the effective paralysis of those who should be their shepherds. And if these “shepherds” actually believe in, and preach, compliance with the wolves, can they really not see the dictatorial power grab of these wolves? What blindness! Truly, “Only I can help you now” – Our Lady, in 1973! Here is the usual summary of the Archbishop’s clear and truthful words, as he spoke, no doubt by electronic means, to a protest meeting held in Turin on October 18 against the “Green Pass” being imposed to prove one has been inoculated –

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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