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Man’s Inhumanity To Man Accelerated by Gary D. Barnett

It is not only difficult to understand, but almost impossible to believe, that only a small fraction of mankind can produce what is described as most of the evil, while virtually all the rest of society voluntarily allows it. It matters not that most of the herd believes that mankind is basically good, for so-called good men do not stand idle while bad men pillage, plunder, and murder. Good men do not hide in the face of adversity or due to terror levied at the hands of the state monsters. Good men do not maim and kill on orders from warmongers and criminals in government without legitimate cause, of which none exists. Good men do not bend and comply to immoral mandates handed down by self-proclaimed elites and political scum. Good men do not succumb to cowardice. Those who do nothing in the face of evil then are not good men. So, is man really basically good, or is this just a falsely created myth meant to protect the fragile psyche of the masses so that weak and inadequate humans can continue to shield themselves from guilt through dishonesty, while doing nothing to prove their worth? Man’s inhumanity to man has accelerated greatly, as the obvious evil among us, and those who willingly allow that evil to exist and prosper, are knowingly and unknowingly working together to bring about the destruction of mankind.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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