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Vaccine Approval For Children? No. by Miles Mathis

You are once again being yanked by Pfizer, the government, and the bought mainstream media. The crime against humanity continues.
Almost no one is noticing that the vaccine approved for children is Pfizer’s Biontech vaccine, which IS NOT fully approved for adults. So how can it be approved for children? Remember, the FDA approved Pfizer’s new Cominarty vaccine for adults, not the Biontech vaccine—and the Comirnaty vaccine doesn’t really exist. You will tell me the approval for children is just emergency use approval, but that is illegal since the government is not allowed to approve an emergency use vaccine when a normal use approval has been granted. If Cominarty is the same as Biontech, why not fully approve Comirnaty for children, as it is for adults? It makes no sense. You will say it is because Comirnaty hasn’t hit the market yet, but if so that proves two things: there is no full approval of any existing vaccine, and the whole announcement was nothing more than a fraud. Most people think the vaccine for adults has full approval, but they have been conned. The vaccine they are getting is Biontech, which does not have full approval and which has no legal backing. Pfizer is still exempt from all lawsuits, with both children and adults.
by Miles Mathis

From: Dr. Vernon Coleman
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