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The Death Of Science And The Rebirth Of Superstition by Todd Hayen PhD

Science denier!!” A snarky phrase I am sure most of you have heard many times. In the beginning of this Covid debacle, when there was clearly only “one science” approved and presented by the media, it took a bit of digging to find other scientific hypotheses. Now it is not so difficult to see clearly that there is a deeper, more robust, science that is contradicting the mainstream. But still we hear the mantra “follow the science!” “you are a moronic denier of science!” and as Fauci so famously put it, “if you are against me, you are against science!” So what, then, is science? The first thing I would say in defining science is to state what it isn’t…it isn’t typically consensual. I suppose there are some things we can call “settled science” but even much of that is often questioned, certainly over the years as new discoveries are made “old science” steps aside for “new science.”

From: Dr. Vernon Coleman
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