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Our Rulers by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

An ace investor knows how the real world works.
One such tells here what in our future lurks.
In any case we now have genuinely crazy people in control of the apparatus of the state. They have exactly the same psychological and philosophical profile as the French (1789) or Russian (1917) Revolutionaries. They are not going to let go of power voluntarily. They are turning many countries into genuine police states. It is happening right before our eyes in Australia – the entire country is locked down. Masked at all times, people cannot go more than a couple of miles from their homes without suffering draconian penalties. No one can enter Australia, no one can leave! And so as we enter the trailing edge of the Greater Depression, things are similar to 1914 or 1939. However, World War 3 will not be about nuclear weapons or conventional armies. It will be primarily a cyber and biological war. The cyber war aspect will be huge because the entire world now runs on computers and is starting to run on Artificial Intelligence. Earlier this year, the WEF started to make a lot of noise about cyberattacks disrupting global supply chains. A cyber pandemic and a closing down of the Internet are a near certainty, because for the elite to get control, it is essential for them to stop the people organizing to challenge them, so they must stop them from communicating with one another.

From: Dr. Vernon Coleman
Earth Newspaper – A Major Source of Information
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