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Critical To Understanding Where Durham Is Going, Ratcliffe Highlights The August 2016 White House Discussion – Team Clinton Compromising Team Obama by Sundance (Text and Video)

An interview by Maria Bartiromo this morning highlights one of the dynamics almost invisible to most voices who speak on a granular level about the background of Spygate, and where they believe John Durham is going. In this interview, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe outlines the moment in August of 2016 when Team Obama (he uses John Brennan) tells the president what Team Clinton is doing. To set the correct context to understand the importance of what Ratcliffe is outlining here, it is important to remember that inside the executive branch of government, heading into the 2016 election, the two distinct camps were operating based on their perspective of their individual best interests. Two distinct camps – Team Clinton and Team Obama. Watch the interview while paying close attention to the dates and personalities that Ratcliffe is outlining. I will expand on the background to explain how these issues surface in the investigation of John Durham; where he will go and where he will not go.

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