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We Will Kill 117 Kids To Save One Child From Dying From Covid In The 5 To 11 Age Range by Steve Kirsch

That’s according to a risk-benefit analysis done by risk-benefit expert Dr. Toby Rogers. His analysis has been viewed by over 22,000 readers. No mistakes were found. Nothing but praise. Dr. Toby Rogers writes a popular substack looking at risk benefit issues. His credentials are described here. In a recent article that I hope everyone will read or at least skim, he concluded: “So, to put it simply, the Biden administration plan would kill 5,248 children via Pfizer mRNA shots in order to save 45 children from dying of coronavirus. For every one child saved by the shot, another 117 would be killed by the shot.” That’s stunning. Read it again. We kill 117 kids to save one kid. Not surprising to me. It’s consistent with the scientific peer-reviewed literature such as the Kostoff paper which concluded: In plain English, people in the 65+ demographic are five times as likely to die from the inoculation as from COVID-19 under the most favorable assumptions! This demographic is the most vulnerable to adverse effects from COVID-19. As the age demographics go below about 35 years old, the chances of death from COVID-19 become very small, and when they go below 18, become negligible.

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