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Hitler’s Talmud by Michael Hoffman

The enigma of the book-banning dictator permitting the publication of the Goldschmidt Talmud
We have referred to the “mystery” of Adolf Hitler’s support for the publication of the Goldschmidt Talmud. At present it remains just that. We don’t pretend to have plumbed the depths of his decision to permit its public debut and publication in Germany (about which there was nothing covert), rather than having the Nazi secret police suppress it. This is a subject deserving detailed investigation by a scholar fluent in German and with access to the archives, which is an apt description of Sefaria’s Rothschild-funded personnel. To the best of our knowledge however, thus far they have scrupulously avoided any such inquiry. This is queer, given the fact that it is the most striking aspect of the case, after Lazarus Goldschmidt’s prodigious accomplishment in translating the entire Gemara (Babylonian Talmud), from Aramaic to German.

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