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WAY FORWARD – I by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

There’s method in the madness of today,
A method pressing friends of God to pray
Such is the pressure of national and international events in the autumn of 2021 that readers of these “Comments” can be asking themselves, is there any other way forward for people living today than the way forward traced for them by the enemies of God, namely complete submission to the world dictatorship being established all around us by means of the universal “Covid inoculation,” amongst other brutalities. When Almighty God has allowed His enemies to go so far in dominating mankind in this life, what can He possibly have in mind for us who want not to abandon Him, but to get to Heaven in the next life? A reader of these “Comments” offers us in this issue and in the next a valuable view of the supernatural problem and solution respectively. We congratulate him. Read on –

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