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White House Announces They Are Eager, Prepared And Staged To Start Vaccinating Children 5 To 11 As Soon As Political Health Agencies Give Permission by Sundance

All your children are belong to us. And so the United States government announces they are now prepared to trigger the “rapid” mass vaccine campaign for children aged 5 to 11. The cleaving of American citizens will continue unabated with the current administration helping to divide our nation based on vaccination status. It is a feature, not a flaw…. fundamental change requires it. The White House says [Fact Sheet Here] they have secured the shots from Pfizer (after giving enough lead-time for politicians to purchase stock in their portfolios), staged the supplies, organized the logistics to ensure no supply chain issues, reinforced the ramparts and delivered prescripted talking to points to media narrative engineers for deployment against unwilling parents. The Biden administration announced they have prepared the U.S. healthcare system to aggressively, with as much force and speed as possible, drive the childhood vaccination program. Leveraging existing partnerships and financial dependencies on government spending, the White House expressed confidence. They do not anticipate any compliance issues with a forceful national rollout:

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