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The ‘Nazis’ Did Not Burn Books – That Is More Fake History by Carolyn Yeager

Name Me One Single Instance When The ‘Nazis’ – properly known as the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) – publicly, or privately, burned books. You can’t – because there is none. Yet a letter from ‘Walter’ to Jeff Bezos has been circulating, in which he makes he following statement: What would happen if other companies followed your lead? Where would it all end? Burning books like during the Nazi years? Walter means well, but he is very much mistaken. I have seen similar sentiments in connection with Amazon’s blacklisting of Holocaust Revisionist books, so I am setting the record straight. The one-time book-burning that did take place in 1933 was done by university students, not the NSDAP. Compare the Geman students of that time to the students in our American universities today and you will recognize they were much tamer, less violent and destructive in 1933 Berlin than in 2017 Washington DC, Seattle or New York City.

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