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Relief From Covid Vaccine Tyranny Will Not Come From The Courts As U.S. Supreme Court Denies Right To Refuse Shots By NYC Teachers by Brian Shilhavy

For everyone in the United States who is still holding out hope that the American judicial system will recognize that the current COVID-19 “vaccines” were approved illegally, and that neither government nor private employers have a legal right to mandate them as a condition to work or participate in society, it is time you recognize that this hope in the judicial system is in vain. Salvation will not come from the American judicial system, and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor drove the last nail in the coffin of that hope yesterday, Friday, October 1, 2021. I saw a headline on a Right Wing “Conservative” Alternative media site yesterday announce this decision as being from the “Far Left Justice Sonia Sotomayer.” How foolish. “Right” vs. “Left” divisions are what is hampering this nation to mount a united effort to fight against medical tyranny right now. Newly appointed “Conservative” Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett made a similar ruling in August denying a petition by Indiana University students to block that school’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. And for you “johnny-come-lately” pundits just now jumping on the anti-vaxx bandwagon, let me give you a brief history lesson about how what little opposition has been made in the past to slow down corporate America’s rush to enslave the population through the medical system, has usually come from the left. The “Conservative Right” is what supported the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which gave pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines legal immunity in the courts from being sued due to injuries and deaths caused by their vaccine products. “Conservative” President Ronald Reagan signed that bill into law. The law was challenged at the Supreme Court in 2011 with Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC, and the law was upheld as the Court ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” All of the “conservatives” on the bench sided with Big Pharma, including Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito, considered “solid conservatives.” And who wrote the dissenting opinion complaining that the Court was overstepping its bounds and ruling beyond what Congress intended by giving Big Pharma too much power? “Liberal” Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. She was joined in dissent only by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, now deceased and no longer on the Court. So when I learned earlier this week that Justice Sotomayor was going to be the one on the Supreme Court to hear the complaint of New York City school teachers who are faced with losing their jobs now for failing to receive a COVID-19 shot, I thought, OK, this will be the final test to see if there is any opposition left in the judiciary to these unlawful vaccine mandates. Well, the Supreme Court has failed the test. We will not find justice there, America. If you want to stop these vaccine mandates, you are going to have to do it yourselves, and stop putting your faith in the American political system, no matter what party affiliation, and that includes the judiciary.

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