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Supreme Court To Review Boston’s Censorship Of Christian Flag by Bob Unruh

Symbol excluded from city program that allowed other religious, national banners. A decision by the city of Boston to censor the Christian flag, and prevent it from being flown at a city hall flagpole used by dozens of other special interest groups, will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Boston Herald noted that lower court judges “have sided against Hal Shurtleff and his organization Camp Constitution,” but those conclusions now will be examined again after the high court put the case on its agenda. The Herald reported admitted, “Boston flies various flags on its third pole all the time – with the first two poles holding the American flag with the POW/MIA flag under it, and the state flag. The city will fly advocacy flags like the rainbow LGBT banner or flags of other countries – which sometimes, like when it flies the Chinese flag, draw protests.” But the city rejected the Christian flag, white with a cross on a blue field. It also now has rejected a “straight pride” flag.

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