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“US Sovereignty”: NATO Takes Over Norfolk Naval Base by Renee Parsons

Fast forward two hundred years as US sovereignty is threatened today at multiple levels. In what may be another chapter in the formation of a New World Government, the question remains how NATO asserted its omnipotent authority to establish a new Atlantic Command at the Norfolk Naval Base with the apparent acquiescence of the US military and Congressional leadership. Once the largest naval port in the world, significant questions persist about how the Pentagon allowed this travesty against the Republic to occur with what appears to have been a black-out of national media attention, no Congressional scrutiny and no Trump Administration participation. I am still wrapping my mind around how easily the usurpation of an American military facility of such prominence could be so quietly accomplished with such finesse requiring so many accomplices. Stepping back to May, 2017 newly elected President Donald Trump first met with NATO leaders in Brussels. He wasted no time by questioning NATO’s relevance and asserting that “Twenty-three of the 28 nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they’re supposed to be paying for their defense,” Trump said. “This is not fair to the people and the taxpayers of the United States.” In January, 2018, seemingly out of the blue, the city of Norfolk adopted an ordinance to accept a donation of three traffic signs. Those signs acknowledged Norfolk as Home to the North American NATO Headquarters. For some residents that may have come as a shock but city documents reveal that Norfolk has been ‘home’ to the only North American headquarters for the North Atlantic NATO since 1953. By early 2018, NATO sought to ‘formalize’ the details with the donation and a letter of acceptance. Yet it was not until six months later in June, 2018 that NATO’s North Atlantic Defense Ministers formally adopted the Alliance’s command structure to establish a new Atlantic Command in Norfolk as the only operational NATO Atlantic Command in North America. As one of three regionally focused joint, operational-level commands, all Commands would report directly to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

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