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A ‘Rusty Spoon’ Hollows Out Israel’s Self-Manufactured Image Of Its ‘Security Might’ by Marziyeh Kaffash and Hossein Jelveh

The escape from a maximum-security prison in Israel by six Palestinian captives earlier this week and an ineffective search for the escapees have deflated the boastful accounts that the heavily-securitized regime in Tel Aviv often produces of its might. The perfectly-executed getaway, in which the six Palestinians reportedly used a spoon to dig their way out of the maximum-security Gilboa Prison, and the so-far abortive manhunt in the West Bank, which is even normally dotted with Israeli checkpoints, quickly exposed grave security lapses. But it also pitted the reality against the image that Israeli officials like to draw of the regime’s security and spying fitness. The mismatch has grown starker since Monday, when the breakout took place, as more information has leaked out. Multiple Israeli accounts have emerged of how the captives pulled off the escape, each humiliating the Israeli security apparatus in its own right. One account, that the Palestinians used a “rusty spoon” to dig their way out, provided by The Jerusalem Post on September 6, was apparently deemed so humiliating that it was inexplicably removed from the Israeli outlet’s website only a day later, although it had already been picked up widely by the global media.

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