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Sweden 1. Faith 0 by Richard Lyon

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.
Here’s an astonishing thing about Sweden: you can hardly tell, from looking at its government’s population statistics,1 that it has COVID-19. It’s astonishing because the entire foundation of the claim underlying the world’s descent into COVID-19 madness and authoritarianism is predicated on two controversial claims: that COVID-19 is unusually deadly, and that coercion and authoritarianism are necessary and effective in controlling it. And yet here is a country that hasn’t succumbed to madness and authoritarianism. And here is a country in which you can hardly tell that COVID-19 is present. Discovering Sweden is like discovering intelligent life in the universe after being told there can’t be any. It falsifies COVID’s catastrophic claims, and reveals a great deal about the institutions driving them.

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