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Following Gab’s receipt of a letter from the January 6th Committee investigating the protests at the U.S. Capitol, we responded to Congress today to set the record straight about Gab and its role, or rather its lack of a role, in the events of January 6th. We told Congress that Gab exists to promote freedom of speech. By this we mean all written or spoken expression protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. No more, no less. We accordingly have a longstanding zero-tolerance policy towards threats of violence and use of our platform for criminal purposes. As to controversial, but nonetheless legal, speech, we believe – as Justice Brandeis did – that “sunlight is the best disinfectant, electric light the most efficient policeman.” This means that Gab seeks to serve as an online home for dissent, whether it emanates from protestors in Hong Kong, Russia, or the United States. Sometimes this means that Gab finds itself hosting people or ideas wide segments of a given population regard as loathsome or evil. It is not our place, nor should it be the place of any technology company, to interfere with Americans’ civil rights and sit in judgment over their lawful expression.

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