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How ‘Informed Consent’ Became ‘Coercion Of The Uninformed’ by William Sullivan

“Informed consent to medical treatment,” according to the American Medical Association, “is fundamental to both ethics and law. Patients have a right to receive information and ask questions about recommended treatments so that they can make well-considered decisions about care.” Pharmaceutical companies peddling their wares in America, almost uniquely in the global context, are able to market prescription drugs directly to potential patients. Because of this, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeks to keep the drug peddlers honest, believing this to be part of the process by which potential patients are informed, and therefore requiring them to present the negative effects of any medical treatment alongside potential benefits. The other reason is personal injury lawyers, who will scour every advertisement a drug company puts out to find a client that experiences some negative impact as a result of an undisclosed side effect, but that’s another story. In sum, that appears to be why COVID vaccine commercials don’t include side effects to inform the public about any potentially negative side effects. It’s a loophole. They don’t disclose the details because they’re not marketing a specific brand of the product to the public. It’s just a public service announcement that (coincidentally, I’m sure) does what the pitchmen of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, or Moderna couldn’t legally do as a matter of consumer protection — and that is pitch their products by promising all of that vague upside without presenting any of the potentially negative side effects. So, the advertisements for the COVID vaccine are neither informative nor balanced, despite being presented as such. And even more sinister than that, they seem to offer the false proposition of our being given a choice in taking the jab. It’s not a very convincing pretense, to be fair. Even the language in the commercials amounts to a thinly-veiled threat that noncompliance will be punished. You can’t get “back to life” unless you get the shot, it unapologetically presumes. But it’s presented as if any of this might be a matter of personal choice. “It’s okay to have questions,” we’re told. It’s just not okay to reach any conclusion that involves a decision to not take the jab for any reason. You’re free to have reservations about it, of course, so long as those reservations eventually (and hopefully soon, the rest of society is counting on you!) become assuaged by the soothing, vague bromides that have been provided by the product manufacturers and their pitchmen. They’re not interested in our consent and are deeply interested in limiting our access to information. There is no “informed consent” involved here. It’s just tyranny. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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