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Did German Homicidal Gas Chambers Exist? by John Wear

A relative of a prominent Holocaust revisionist recently said that the argument Holocaust supporters fear most is “the physical, chemical, topographical, architectural, and documentary evidence of the impossibility of the homicidal gas chamber.” She writes, “And, believe me, the only thing they fear is that people may learn that there were no homicidal gas chambers, and that Jews have lied about that particular point.” This article discusses some of the evidence proving that there were no homicidal gas chambers in any of the German camps during World War II. In every murder trial the prosecution has the burden of proof to show the cause of death. Scientific evidence is usually the most convincing evidence to show the cause of death because scientific evidence can be verified in an objective manner. Incredibly, in the biggest and most publicized murder trial of all time, the prosecution at the International Military Tribunal produced no autopsy reports or expert reports on the existence and operation of the alleged homicidal gas chambers. Even in the Auschwitz Trial in Frankfurt in the mid-1960s and the Majdanek Trial in Düsseldorf in the late 1970s, the defense never thought to request a report on the alleged murder weapons, which have partly survived today. In all of these trials the prosecution relied almost exclusively on eyewitness testimony to convict the defendants of murder.

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