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‘Protect Our Freedom’: Thousands Across US Protest COVID Vaccine Mandates by Raymond Wolfe

Protesters have gathered at hospitals and state capitols across America in recent days amid a wave of COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Protests against COVID-19 vaccine requirements are erupting across the United States in response to a wave of mandates issued by lawmakers and employers in recent days. Hundreds of demonstrators, including nurses and healthcare workers, gathered at the California state capitol in Sacramento for a protest against vaccine mandates on Monday, after around 1,0000 people joined a similar rally in nearby Roseville last week, according to the Sacramento Bee. Other protests have been reported in Los Angeles and Orange County. “When patients come in for procedures, we give them the choice whether or not to submit to the procedure we’re recommending and so they have the right to refuse,” said one nurse at the Sacramento protest. “That’s in their patient consent form and we just want that same right.” “You know, if we feel the vaccine’s not right for us, we should be able to make that decision for our own body,” she continued. “We never gave up medical autonomy to anyone else. We have autonomy over our own bodies to give ourselves what we feel is proper medical treatment for our condition. And if we don’t want the vaccine, we shouldn’t have to take it.”

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