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Cory Morningstar: “This Isn’t About Health, It’s About Resetting The Whole Global Economy” by Eva K. Barlett (Text and Video)

I recently spoke with independent investigative journalist and writer, Cory Morningstar, about matters Covid19 hysteria & propaganda (with a focus on Ontario), the experimental & dangerous so-called “Covid vaccines” and the endless boosters that will follow, the opioid epidemic & Big Pharma’s role in it (including the jab makers), and SPARS 2025-2028. Cory is a mother and a gardener (her words). She is also one of the most phenomenal researchers out there. Please read this bio for more information on her extensive & important work: *Note: this interview was conducted at the end of July. I apologize to Cory & you all for the delay in getting it published.

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