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Texas Tribune Forced To Correct Massive Reporting Error Of Child Covid Hospitalizations by Maria Wheeler

The Texas Tribune published an article on Thursday attributing the total number of children hospitalized since the beginning of the pandemic to a period of the last 7 days, and then quickly backtracking when the fallacy was brought to light – a reporting error of over 5,000 cases. It turns out that the actual number of children admitted with Covid between July 1 and August 9 – a 40-day period, not a 7-day period as originally stated in the article – in Texas is 783. That gives us about 137 hospitalizations per week if divided evenly between the 40 days. So the number that the Tribune originally reported is 4,100% higher than the correct statistic. “No, it is NOT easy to misread – be a damn professional. This person gets paid for what they do right? The “journalist” saw what they wanted to see. He wanted to see a large number bc it justifies the hatred he has of Texas, a red state, and the governor,” tweeted one person in reply.

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