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Godless Governments – II by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

The time is out of joint. O cursed spite,
That ever I was born to set it right. (Hamlet, end of Act 1)
Readers may remember from these “Comments” last week the article of a British patriot, Dennis Whiting, in which he denounced the British Government for organising lies in order to run the country, especially but not only, in connection with the Covid nonsense. To call it “Covid nonsense” is not of course to deny any reality to the Covid virus (although it has never yet been properly isolated). It is to say that the Covid phenomenon, when presented to us as a medical problem by our politicians and media, makes no sense. It is only when it is taken as a major political instrument for the enslaving of mankind that it makes perfect sense, and then one sees that it comes not just from our puppet politicians and media, but from their far more sinister puppet-masters, the Judeo-Masonic power that has created the modern world to fight against God. Along these lines runs the promised second half of Whiting’s article –

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