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Contract Surveillance Plane Caught Flying In A Grid Pattern Over Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium by Scott Boyd

They really, really, REALLY want to keep tabs on those trying to expose the stolen 2020 election. The theft of the 2020 election has become a sticking point for millions of Americans who are being asked to trust a slow-witted man and his handlers to lead this nation. We have seen mountains of evidence despite efforts by mainstream media, Big Tech, and the judiciary to quash it all. Meanwhile, the powers-that-be have dubbed it “The Big Lie” to speak out loud what facts and common sense tell us to be unambiguously true. According to YouTube aerial guru Monkey Werx, there was a contract surveillance plane over the Cyber Symposium flying in a common grid pattern indicative of aerial data collection. In other words, someone was spying on the event from the sky. The question that everyone should be asking is why a surveillance plane would have been contracted to spy on the symposium. The event was being broadcast live and replayed at night, so there’s nothing that could really be hidden on stage. This is where we get into major conspiracy theorizing, so put on your tinfoil hats if you believe such things will help you. First, the visual nature of the spy planes allows for easy tracking of vehicles and their drivers in and our of the symposium. As we’ve discussed previously on this site, the powers-that-be are building a list of unacceptable Americans to track and eventually remove. We’ve seen it with the extreme degree of tracking they did on January 6th. We know they were doing similar tracking operations during the Arizona audits. Now, they’re tracking everyone who came and went from the Cyber Symposium.

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