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The Big Question: Why Should Someone Who Has Had Covid Need The Vaccine? by Kathy Gyngell

Last week TCW Defending Freedom writer Frederick Edward tweeted this eminently reasonable question: If the purpose of vaccination is to give antibodies, then why should he, as someone who’s already had Covid, have the vaccine? Can someone explain: If the purpose of vaccination is to give antibodies, then why should I – someone who’s already had Covid – have the vaccine? Unless there’s something else at play? Waiting for a non-BS answer. Of course there is no rational or reasonable explanation. Nor is it explicable why, given the levels of testing to which the government is subjecting the population, it does not add antibody testing to the mix. It is unreasonable and Todd Zywicki, an American law professor, is determined to demonstrate this. In an article for the Wall Street Journal he explains why he is suing his employer, the highly rated George Mason University in Virginia, a state institution which is mandating Covid vaccines. In sum, it is that since he already has natural immunity, there can be no justification for a coercive violation of his bodily autonomy.

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