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Great Reset? by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Dear readers, pray that Catholic truth be told
By many more Archbishops of God’s Fold.
For the Philosophy Festival held in Venice two months ago, Archbishop Vigano wrote another of his splendid overviews on modern events, presenting a truly Catholic point of view such as all churchmen should be presenting, but which by the Conciliar madness the large number of them are still preventing. To the Church in its unprecedented distress approaching the end of the world (cf. Mt, XXIV), God has assuredly set aside this Archbishop as a beacon of light, to go on telling the fullness of God’s Truth which the rest of his colleagues have been more or less smothering ever since the close of the wretched Second Vatican Council over half a century ago. Here follows a summary of the Archbishop’s letter on “The Great Reset: the Latest Greatest Lie.”

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