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Dr. Shiva Discovers Existence Of The Secretive Long Fuse Report – Exposes Twitter-Government Collusion – As Momentous Discovery As Pentagon Papers by Jim Hoft

Legal observers noted back in May that the judge is signaling that Twitter’s days of claiming it is a private company so as to avoid it’s clear oppression of conservative speech, banning scores of conservative journalists, and promotion of liberal views, may be coming to a close end. CDA 230 is the provision of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 that gives internet and social media companies legal immunity from lawsuits due to the content they publish. This provision in law gives companies like Facebook and Twitter a way to dismiss lawsuits, but it also gives them the ability to act with impunity so that their actions cannot be legally challenged. These companies have, according to their detractors, abused this immunity by suppressing dissident, and specifically conservative, views, viewpoints and journalism. Because Dr. Ayyadurai did not argue about Twitter’s “Terms of Service,” everything will instead hinge on the degree of interaction between Twitter and the state government of Massachusetts.

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