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Faux Feminist Gloria Steinem by Russ Winter

A Portrait of Controlled Opposition for New Underworld Order Agendas
Throughout the post-WWII era, certain usual suspects have been given a pedestal and have been promoted. The dead give away is that these made individuals just aren’t that compelling or even intelligent. They are hired hacks whose mission is to tear down traditional institutions and degrade society. One of those targets was the family and relationships between men and women. The point of the spear of the attack on family and anti-male demonization was the manipulation of the “left” or “liberals” by the internationalists. This is sometimes referred to as the “Liberal or CIA-controlled opposition.” Today, there is plenty of vitriol against liberals. But is it really the liberals at all? Hidden history reveals that liberals were led around by the nose by foundation-sponsored CIA-controlled opposition. This is very similar to what we’ve witnessed with the controlled-opposition Alt-Right. One of the poster girls for the more radical feminist movement was Gloria Steinem. She fessed up to being on the CIA’s payroll, openly describing them as “enlightened.” Today, through the wonders of the Internet, people who are awake can see her in the flesh talking about her CIA activities.
by Russ Winter

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