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Canadians Have Been Locked Down “For Your Own Good” By Experts Not Fully Qualified In Their Field by Eva K. Bartlett

Recently, I spoke with Canadian physicist and interdisciplinary scientist, Denis Rancourt, about Canada’s Covid measures and their repercussions. On the matter of Ontario’s Chief Medical Officers, Rancourt looked into their actual formal training. He told me, “There is a very specific and very serious certification for public health medicine, controlled by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.” According to Rancourt’s research, Theresa Tam, the Chief Medical Officer of Canada, is not certified in public health and preventative medicine. “She has two specializations which are not the public health specialization that you need to be a public health officer.” From his research, using publicly available information, Rancourt concludes that in fact many top people aren’t certified medically to practise the kind of medicine they are practising in that position. “The same is true of the provincial chief public health officer of Saskatchewan. Her only specialty is anesthesia. Yet, she was involved in firing a surgeon who was critical of vaccinating children. She was part of the committee of three that fired him and justified that firing. And she is not certified in that area.” Based on his research, Rancourt estimates that around 20% of public health officers in Ontario are not certified in public health.

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