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Israeli Forces Level Biggest Canaanite Graveyard by QudsN

Israeli forces leveled the biggest Canaanite graveyard in Al Kader in southern Bethlehem on Thursday. The head of the Committee against the wall and settlement in Bethlehem, Hasan Ibreijiyyeh, said Israeli bulldozers leveled the graveyard in order to expand the settlers-only road number 60, which connects occupied Jerusalem to occupied Hebron. The graveyard extends on four dunums. It is one of the oldest Canaanite sites in Palestine and proves that Arab Canaanites have been living in the region since the Bronze Age (nearly 2500 years BC). Ibreijiyyeh said that the Israeli act is a blatant violation of international law and it is one of the Israeli crimes against the culture and history of the Palestinian people. The Israeli authorities have been expanding the settlers-only road number 60, confiscating thousands of dunums in Bethlehem and Hebron.

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