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The Horrific Tragedy Of Ethnic Sudeten Germans In Czechoslovakia by Meža Vilks, Translated by Victor Diodon

This book documents the realization that the outburst of sadism in May 1945 in Czechoslovakia was an unparalleled world record of torture and murder that claimed the lives of half a million Germans (241,000 civilians and 250,000 soldiers). So anything and everything was permissible to do to the Germans. They were less than animals for slaughter. The “green light” for the mass murder was followed by other decrees ordering the confiscation of any and all German and Magyar property, whether movable or not. This was applied to such an extent that the people remaining on their farms almost starved to death because they were not permitted even to dig the potatoes they themselves had planted. In the towns and villages the mass torture and executions died away in June 1945, but in the concentration camps they continued even in 1946. The worst devils in human form were the usually very young “soldiers” of the Revolutionary Guard organized by Ludvik Svoboda, who later became president of Czechoslovakia. Communists and Czech Nationalists competed in inventing ever more and new torture methods. One year after the armistice, the murdering still raged on. The Documents on the Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans reports numerous cases where mass executions in the camps still took place even in 1946. At that time, however, they were no longer being carried out before the public eye.

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