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Forced Vaccination Including Coercion Is Illegal Says The Omnipotent European Court by Michael Walsh

The prohibition on forced injections including coerced vaccination has been adopted and confirmed by the European Court! This includes a ban on constant SMS telling users to report at certain stations to receive their clot-shots. The European Court finally issued a decision banning mandatory (compulsory) vaccination. The link in French is at the end of the articles of the law of the European Court. IMPORTANT: Any obligation or implied compulsion to vaccinate is now illegal says the Council of Europe whose power exceeds that of the European Union, Macron, Merkel and every goddam syringe-wielding Hattie Jacques in Europe. Not to be confused with the EU the Council of Europe which is the godfather of the European Court of Human Rights, ruled 27.01.2021 in its resolution 2361/2021, among other things: that no one can to be vaccinated against his or her will, under pressure. 47 Member States are invited to report before vaccination that vaccination is not mandatory and those unvaccinated people should not be discriminated against.

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