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Ritual Murder Of The Russian Imperial Family by Michael Walsh

Before the outbreak of the Great War (1914 ~ 1918) there were available in selected Jewish-owned Warsaw shops greeting cards with images that were unavailable for Gentiles. The postcards carried the image of the tzadik. This is an image of a rabbinical Jew with the Torah in his one hand and a white fowl in the other. On these illegal greeting cards, available only by clandestine means, the head of the depicted fowl is clearly shown to be the Imperial Russian Tsar Nicholas II. Below this image is the inscription in Hebrew: “This is a sacrificial animal so is my cleansing; it will be my replacement and cleansing the victim.” Yakov Sverdlov, whose Jewish name is Yankel Solomon, ordered the murder of Tsar Nicholas II, his family and assistants. For this particular Jewish revolutionary regicide was a cherished dream. The evidence of this is discovered in the content of leaflets written by Yakov Sverdlov and dated May 19, 1905. This date is the birthday of Nicholas II: “Struck your hour, the last hour of you and all yours! This is a terrible judgment, the revolution is coming.”

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