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There Is No Pandemic, There Are No Variants: The Entire State Narrative Is A Lie by Gary D. Barnett (Video)

This interview is between Dr. David Martin and Reiner Fuellmich. This is one of the most damning and factually based accounts of what has and is happening concerning this fraudulent hoax called the “Covid” virus pandemic. The entirety of this scam is exposed in this discussion, and proof positive is laid out before the listener in great detail. This is the most comprehensive review to date, not only on the virus scam, but also on the financing manipulations surrounding the 4,000 SARS Coronavirus patents fully studied by Dr. Martin and his team. Watch this today! As I have said for many months, the virus is a fraud, and the real bioweapon is the vaccine. This is proven in the above video. The real agendas are money, power, total control, eugenics, and depopulation. Do not doubt this for a moment. The most critical time will be the next few months and into 2022. If this massive assault on humanity can be reversed, and it may already be too late, it will have to be done very soon. This fall and winter will tell the tale, and without mass dissent and non-compliance, I fear that this country, and the world, will be forever locked into a dystopian Armageddon or hell on earth. “Any assertion that this pathogen is unique or novel falls apart on the actual gene sequences that are found in the patent records. We are injecting a synthetic spike protein mRNA sequence that is a computer simulation of a sequence that has been known and patented for years.” ~ Dr. David Martin

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