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Lemming Flavored Kovid Aid T-Shirt For Sale by Ignatius Graffeo

For those who are being coerced or pressured to take the shot this message should give you pause. Isn’t it odd that so-called medical experts, media propaganda parrots keep pushing and even shoving you to take the jab for something that has a 99.99% average survival rate for people under 70? Who are these voices singing in this strange and suspicious choir? They are an elite cult bent on population conditioning and control. Suffocating you continually with useless masks, social distancing and lockdown rituals. They want you to ignore the fact that several thousand VAER reported deaths and injuries don’t matter at all. Why? Because it’s really for their greater good (not your good). Sacrifice your life to their experimental drug and learn to obey their orders without question every time a new variant is announced. Follow their mandates, like lemmings rushing over the cliff into the abyss of ignorance and stupidity. Wake up now, before it’s too late to do anything to stop them.

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