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USDA And FSN In Tandem: We’ll Show That Uppity Amish Farmer Who’s Boss by David Gumpert

Federal agriculture officials and their supporters are practically drooling over the possibility that Amish farmer Amos Miller could be hit with a devastating fine and expenses exceeding $260,000. The headline in Food Safety News captures the air of climactic anticipation gripping the U.S. Department of Agriculture over the Amos Miller case: “If farmer doesn’t quickly pay $250,000 contempt fine, jail could become an option.” Oooh…..and how about a lynching party, editor Dan Flynn and publisher Bill Marler? If jail doesn’t show that uppity Amish boy Amos Miller who’s boss, I mean, wouldn’t a lynching finally do the trick in getting Amos Miller’s highly coveted meats and other natural foods off the market at long last, and sending a message to other Amish farmers who also have the gall to sponsor food clubs offering on-farm-slaughtered meat to eager members? If I sound a little peeved, it’s because I am, for three main reasons:

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