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House Committees Pass $20 Million Per Day On Behalf Of Israel by Alison Weir

Two House committees recently advanced bills containing provisions that will disburse over $7 billion of Americans’ tax money on behalf of Israel if both houses of Congress pass the bills, and if they’re then signed into law by President Biden, as is expected… Congressional committees recently passed two bills that contain provisions to disburse a total of over $7 billion on behalf of Israel in the year 2022. This works out to almost $20 million per day. These provisions were included in the bills despite the fact that Israel just committed another onslaught against Gazan men, women, and children; despite Israel’s many actions that harm Americans; despite the fact that most Americans think the U.S. already gives Israel too much money; and despite the fact that aid to Israel is illegal under U.S. laws. On June 30th, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense approved a bill that gives Israel half a billion dollars, and on July 1st the House Appropriations Committee advanced a bill that disburses nearly $6.4 billion on behalf of Israel.

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