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COVID Vaccine Approval By FDA: Battle Is On by Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn

This is a classic battle between good and evil. On the good side are medical articles and petitions to FDA to stop the COVID vaccine public health disaster. On the evil side are big drug companies and big media arguing that there is no time to waste. In their perverted world view until full FDA approval happens many people will justify avoiding getting jabbed. What should greatly trouble people is that at least 7,000 deaths have been connected to COVID vaccines and about 500,000 injuries have also resulted. Sure, compared to millions of vaccinated people these number may not seem critically important. Unless you or your family have been negatively impacted. To see reality, you have to read the stories of the many thousands of people who have suffered terrible health impacts from being jabbed. Often very young people. None of these nightmares are covered by big media. There are three things that pro approval articles stay away from mentioning or seriously analyzing that reveal gross bias and dishonesty. First, one word rarely seen in big media stories pushing for full FDA approval is the word “experimental” to describe currently used COVID vaccines allowed under an emergency use authorization. Second, the enormous number of frightful stories of serious health impacts from getting vaccinated are avoided like the proverbial plague. Third, there is no mention of major medical reports and two major petitions to FDA by very credible health experts that demand more serious studies by FDA of a multitude of safety issues and concerns.

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