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New Government Program Helps You Snitch On Your Family Members by Simon Black

Recently a senior White House official announced a “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism”. And this new strategy includes programs for people to “seek help” from the government on behalf of anyone they “perceive to be radicalizing”. Their objective here is to prevent violence and domestic terrorism. That sounds noble enough. But even basic truths about violence are completely tainted by ideology and politics. Angry, menacing rioters rampaging through the streets, torching cars, looting stores, and destroying property? They’re “mostly peaceful”, hence this White House program doesn’t apply to them. But the man who grabs a weapon to defend his family against those angry, menacing rioters? He’s a violent radical who should be reported. Then there’s Dr. Aruna Khilanani, who earlier this month lectured at Yale University about her fantasies of killing white people. Again, though, she’s neither considered radical nor potentially violent… so she doesn’t fit into this new White House program. Saying, however, that “a man cannot get pregnant,” which was enough for Twitter to ban a Spanish politician recently, is absolutely considered radical. The rules are terribly confusing. Fortunately the US government will be bringing in the Big Tech companies to monitor our behavior and keep us all in check.

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