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Elizabeth Dilling And The Great Sedition Trails by Michael Walsh

One day an awakened United States will emerge from the Jewish chrysalis. Pennsylvania Avenue will then perhaps be renamed Elizabeth Dilling Avenue. Today, slumbering in their Jewish shroud, few Americans have heard of a lady who should replace the Statue of Liberty. Elizabeth Dilling (1894 – 1966) was a publisher; she headed the Patriotic Research Bureau and was one of the leaders of the Mothers’ Crusade. The fearless investigator authored several political books emphasizing the connection between Communism and the Jews. Elizabeth Dilling was one of thirty Americans charged with insurgency in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944. Raised in Chicago, she was of English and French descent and whilst in her twenties became an avid traveller. During the summer of 1931 she joined friends on a trip to the USSR. The Soviet Union between 1917 and 1922 had been seized by American-backed revolutionary mercenaries.

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