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Media Is Finally Covering Immense Crimes Against Indigenous Peoples In Canada That Were Known About Decades Ago. So Why Now? by Eva K. Bartlett

Indeed, an article first published in May 2008 – and according to the author, rejected by Canadian media – spoke of a 1996 lawsuit launched by residential school survivors on the issue of the death and torture at residential schools. It noted that “residential school children were being buried ‘four or five to a grave’, and that the death rate in these schools stayed constant at fifty percent for over forty years.” It rightly asked: “Why is the disappearance of tens of thousands of native children in these schools not the subject of a major criminal investigation?” That was 13 years ago, the lawsuit over two decades ago. This is just one of, I’m sure, countless examples over the years, decades even, of calls to investigate the missing children and the criminal practices of the schools they were forced into.

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