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Castro’s Son, Justin Trudeau Constructs Communist Dystopia by Michael Walsh

“Bill C-36 actually provides a financial incentive to accuse others of hate speech. In addition to fines of up to $50,000, the bill also proposes for a “victim” of hate speech to be compensated with a payment (by the accused) of up to $20,000. Similar to a lawsuit, but with the government acting on behalf of the plaintiff/accuser, and with no legal fees….Under C-36, the identity of the accuser or supposed victim can be kept secret.“ You don’t even need to actually make a statement that could be interpreted as hateful, simply raising the suspicion that you might at some point make a hateful statement is enough for legal action to be taken against you. What qualifies as hate speech is subject to interpretation and is often totally political. For example, it has long been argued (including by former Conservative PM Stephen Harper) that criticism of the state of Israel is anti-Semitism, while a message as benign as “It’s OK to be white” is considered white nationalist hate speech.

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