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Is HIV To AIDS What SARS-CoV-2 Is To COVID? by Torsten Engelbrecht, Kelly Brogan MD, Andrew Kaufman MD, Magdalene Taylor

Imagine an enemy that is invisiblE, like a ghost or demon, except to those who have special visionary powers. It lurks in unsuspecting places, turning every person and every place into a potential threat. Once it takes hold, there’s no stopping it without the help of an arsenal of powerful poisons provided by the trusted protectors who are practiced at such exorcisms and know that their work inevitably results in some collateral damage. It’s a necessary sacrifice to exterminate the enemy. All bow to those who might protect us from this demonic takeover. There is no sacrifice too great if it promises to save us from such possession.What if we told you that there is as much evidence for germs causing (or being the primary cause of) illness as there is for demonic possession with invisible entities that make us cough, purge, and waste away? And what if our collective belief in contagion, infection, and associated precautions, preventatives, and treatments is actually a belief system that has been leveraged for a century in service of population control and even depopulation?We assert that the notion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing “COVID” is a recapitulation of the international infectious disease coup that took hold in the 1980s, namely, that HIV causes AIDS. The aim here is to present our findings to propose that AIDS was a dress rehearsal for the present entrapment of citizens worldwide using the dominant COVID narrative.But let’s back up to confirm that our definitions are well-clarified.

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