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St. Louis Couple Touts New AR-15 After Guns Seized Over BLM Encounter by Bradford Betz

The guns that the couple used in the standoff were seized after their initial arrests last year. Despite having their weapons seized and pleading guilty to charges in connection with pointing guns at Black Lives Matter rioters on their private property during the summer of 2020, Mark and Patricia McCloskey appeared defiant Saturday, posting a picture of a new AR-15 the St. Louis couple intends to buy. “Checking out my new AR!” Mark McCloskey tweeted along with two pictures: one with McCloskey at a gun store with the owner, and another with him and his wife, Patricia. In both, he is holding an AR-15 rifle. The picture came just two days after the McCloskeys pleaded guilty to lesser charges and agreed to pay fines in connection with last summer’s incident involving Black Lives Matter rioters who tore down an iron gate and ignored a “No Trespassing” sign on their private street. The couple said they felt threatened and armed themselves before heading outside to warn off the crowd.

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