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New Zealand’s New Abortion Law Barbaric by Michael Walsh

A baby born alive after an unsuccessful late-term abortion was left gasping without medical assistance for two hours before dying at a hospital in New Zealand. The incident follows the passing of the Abortion Legislation Bill introduced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s Government in 2020, which introduced the most extreme abortion law in the world to New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern has taken credit for the introduction of the new law, telling local media in November 2020 that in regards to the law change, ‘not only did I take a position, I pursued it and changed the law in Parliament’. Ardern also voted down the Care of child born after abortion amendment to the Bill, which would have required that ‘appropriate medical care and treatment’ be given to a baby born alive after a failed abortion. The incident, in which the child was left without medical attention for two hours after a failed abortion, took place at a hospital in New Zealand and was witnessed by a healthcare student who has since been left traumatised from the ordeal.

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